Jose M. Olea


Break Time (Work in progress)

There is an infection in the office! Sam Buckowsky, the accountant of the company, has to find the exit through hordes of zombies.
Developed in XNA and originally inspired by Dungeons and Zombies, this is a fully playable game, with its own 2D physics, AI behaviors, and also a custom level editor.

Dungeons And Zombies

Initially I wrote this code to generate a random dungeon but hey! killing zombies is always fun! so here is: Dungeons and Zombies!
Developed it in one week while practicing with XNA tools, everything is coded in C#. The dungeon is generated randomly, and the zombies are using an A-star algorithm to find the player. The characters pixelart was just painted and animated in Photoshop CS.

Windows - 980KB

The rise of the Domo Kun

The three Domo Kuns are trying to defend the egg against the Domo Zombies that are spawning. Not playable.
This is an experiment I made in XNA before Dungeons & Zombies. The animations were drawn by me, and the purpose of this "game" was to implement an efficient A-star algorythm in XNA to guide the characters through the map.

Asteroids 3D

A 3D version of the classic Asteroids.
Programmed entirely in C++ using the open source graphic library Ogre3D. The objects are modeled in 3D Studio Max and converted to .mesh files with Easy Ogre Exporter.

Windows - 5 MB