Jose M. Olea


Hello world!

You have just reached the personal portfolio of Jose M. Olea, programmer and videogames enthusiast. What you can find here is a compilation of the game-related stuff that I make in my spare time.

I was born in Spain, and I have been programming since I was 14 (early years influence is evident ;). Im passionated about all the game development proccess, since I love programming, drawing concept art designs, 3D modelling, composing music and sailing. My goal is to make a living out of all this, but at the moment I work as a freelance programmer and web designer.

At this moment I live in Barcelona, Spain. But Ill be glad to keep contact or work with anyone around the world with my same interests. So feel free to send me some lines through the contact form.

Just a friendly note, Maria is my second name while Olea is my family name ;)