Creating a 3D game in Unity

The last few months I have been working hard in Unity; my goal this time was to create a simple level of an fantasy arcade-type action game. Actually when I was a child I was a fan of arcade games as King of Dragons, or D&D Tower of Doom.

S this time I have been logging all the hours I have dedicated to this little project, and I can count more than 150 hours!¬†I have been reading several books and getting to know the core concepts of Unity, and also learning the whole process of creating a 3d game in all its stages: concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, level design, enemies IA, pathfinding, performance optimization, etc… so at this point would be a shame not showing what I have achieved so far.


My first concept art for the level was this:

But as you will see later, at some point I decided to make it darker, so no daylight anymore. Next thing was modelling the architecture ruins and building some mountains to make the level exploration a bit more interesting.

The characters were already created, as I showed in previous posts. The hero, and the monsters. We won’t need anymore for now.

So this how it looks everything imported in Unity, after populating the scenery with trees, bushes, and lights:

For the trees and bushes I used a shader I created to simulate the wind in the branches. Here is a tutorial where I explain how to do it.


And here is a sample of the gameplay:

Conclusion:¬†Honestly I feel quite satisfied with the result, specially being my first project in this engine. Unity has simplified a lot the task of animate the different states of the characters thanks to the “animator” tool. Programming it manually would have been really tedious. I think I have seen only a part of the whole potential of Unity and its huge. A small team with a clear idea can indeed develop great games in Unity with a minimal budget.


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