These are a series of personal projects I have been involved in the last years:


Tiny Klepto

2019 / Casual roguelike / Mobile / Unity / Published in Google Play

Explore four different neighborhoods, upgrade your equipment and steal more than 100 different objects in this burglar-roguelike for mobile.

Get it on Google Play


Roomba Fighters

2019 / Game Jam / Pc & Web / Unity / 4th position in “ranking” in Barcelona

Game developed in 48 for the Global Game Jam 2019.

Available in Get Roomba Fighters HERE




Creepy Rotten Fruit

2018 / Casual game / Android / Android native app / Published in Google Play

What about smashing some nasty rotten apples? The rotten fruit is unleashed, and they want to contaminate the whole market!

This short game was developed for android using the Andengine library, and the physics engine integrated. I had a lot of fun designing the characters and putting everything together.

Get it on Google Play


Break Time

2015 / Top down shooter / PC & Xbox / XNA / Not published

There is an infection in the office! Sam Buckowsky, the accountant of the company, has to find the exit through hordes of zombies.

Developed in XNA and originally inspired by Dungeons and Zombies, this is a fully playable game, with its own 2D physics, AI behaviors, and also a custom level editor.

Dungeons & Zombies

2014 / Top down shooter /PC / XNA / Not published

Initially I wrote this code to generate a random dungeon but hey! killing zombies is always fun! so here is: Dungeons and Zombies!

Developed it in one week while practicing with XNA tools, everything is coded in C#. The dungeon is generated randomly, and the zombies are using an A-star algorithm to find the player.
You can download it here.


Van Gogh Maker

2013 / Generative art / Javascript

In 2012 I moved to Amsterdam for a couple of years and had the opportunity to visit the Van Gogh museum. I remember being fascinated about all his paintings specially Starry Night. I wanted to see how would it look to see this painting animated, so I programmed this small app to do it. Just for the fun.

It is based in the HTML5 canvas element, and uses Easeljs to handle and display the brushes animation. You can also edit your own paintings starting from a source image by defining the flow and properties of the brush strokes.

Visit the Van Gogh Maker site, or just relax and watch the video I made to show how it works:



2013 / Classic homage / PC / C++ / Personal experiments

Programmed entirely in C++ using the open source graphic library Ogre3D. The objects are modeled in 3D Studio Max and converted to .mesh files with Easy Ogre Exporter.