Afterlife fighter

Suddenly I am having some ideas for a new game. Yeah, that happens a lot. I used to start developing a many games and not finishing any. So with the years I have learnt what to do. Now, when I feel the insipiration coming, I just put all my energies in writing a game spec […]

First tests in Unity

So finally I decided to get hands dirty with Unity and make something in 3D. So what better than reuse one of my characters in Creepy Rotten Fruit? I modeled a low-poly version of the apple zombie and animated it. Then imported in Unity 3D and made a basic isometric scenery to move the character […]

Sailing to Sicily

In the next days I will be sailing from Cagliari to Sicily, it will take about a day and a half of sailing. During the night you feel how small you are against the sea and the sky, and I often dream of ancient sailors struggling to reach safe port with no other instruments than […]