I am Jose M. Olea, Unity developer and currently located in Barcelona and searching for job oportunities

I was born in Spain, and I have been programming since I was 14. I am passionated about all the game development proccess, since I love programming, drawing concept art designs, 3D modelling and composing music. Ill be glad to keep contact or work with anyone around the world with my same interests. So feel free contact me. Just a friendly note, Maria is my second name while Olea is my family name ;)

Recent Posts

  • Tiny Klepto BETA release

    Tiny Klepto is finally starting the Beta testing phase! It will be soon released for Android in the Google Play Store. Here is the new landing page for Tiny Klepto

  • First Game Jam. Done.

    Last weekend I participated in the Global Game Jam in Barcelona! finally! Has been such a great experience, and now¬†that I am fully recovered, just as a self reminder, I would like to write some lines analyzing what we did right and wrong.   Looking for a Team I have been living in Barcelona only […]

  • Sneaky burglar

    Hi! I want to show you what I have been doing the last weeks. Right now I am in the middle of the development of a new casual game for mobile about a burglar breaking into houses and stealing stuff. This time I wanted have a different approach when developing the game. Instead of focusing […]

  • New tutorial channel in Youtube

    Hi! I am starting a new channel of video tutorials in Youtube. It’s called: Minimal Coding. In this serie I will try to show how to create a clone of some of the most famous classic videogames. We will take a game and strip it revealing just the core mechanics and leaving out all the […]