You have just reached the personal portfolio of Jose M. Olea, developer and videogames enthusiast.

I was born in Spain, and I have been programming since I was 14. I am passionated about all the game development proccess, since I love programming, drawing concept art designs, 3D modelling, composing music and sailing. My goal is to make a living out of all this, but at the moment I work as a freelance programmer and web designer. Ill be glad to keep contact or work with anyone around the world with my same interests. So feel free contact me. Just a friendly note, Maria is my second name while Olea is my family name ;)

Recent Posts

  • Sailing to Sicily

    In the next days I will be sailing from Cagliari to Sicily, it will take about a day and a half of sailing. During the night you feel how small you are against the sea and the sky, and I often dream of ancient sailors struggling to reach safe port with no other instruments than […]

  • The rotten fruit finally see the light

    Finally! it’s done! I have decided that the game is complete, and ready to be play. So  I just uploaded the final playable version of Creepy Rotten Fruit to Google Play.

  • Creepy fruit in progress

    Yeah baby! some character design in progress!   I am doing the character animations in Spriter and then exporting to a spritesheet.  Here is a short preview of some apple sexy moves: